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what is ED 6

Duration: 14:7 Uploaded: 22 May 2014

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what,is,ED,6 No1647 This is case-B, it's 4th day treatment. Today, direct on penis and glans were done. Many methods can be used. What is a glans? It is highly densed with receptors and capillaries. Glan's surface is nucous membrane, which is planned to be highly sensitive to stimuli from partner and shape cange of itself. Then, feeling from glans and penis shaft reflexe to base muscles of penis near pubic bone and center of perineal region. Erectile disfunction is mainly caused of base muscles' stiffness. Stiff muscles are poorly sensitive to the information from penis (and glans). Poorly circulated glans creates very little information because majority of recepters are sleeping. Receptors are dried up and flattened by lack of circulation and bodywide tension. In simple words, nerves ,veins, receptors and capillaries are almost sleeping all the time, unhappily ever. Now, my approach is prooving effective. 問題はひからびて、押しつぶされて、感じることが出来なくなった感覚受容器、同じことの起ったまわりの毛細血管などです。でも、治ります、わたしのアプローチで。