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Billie Joe Armstrong - On Drugs! (Green Day Funny Moments)

Duration: 34:57 Uploaded: 06 May 2013

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Billie,Joe,Armstrong,-,On,Drugs!,(Green,Day,Funny,Moments) READ BEFORE YOU WATCH! IT'S ONLY A PARODY!!! DO NOT TAKE IT SERIOUSLY!!! And Billie isn't on drugs in every video clip by the way!!! I was bored and wanted to tell a little story of Billie Joe. I know that he ISN'T on drugs in all of the videos, maybe he is just drunk or he is clean. Please don't tell me, this makes no sense, of course it doesn't, these concert parts can't belong together, it's just for the story. I'm not making Billie bad or something, and it doesn't mean to be bad. And I know a lot of Green Day, I'm a fan for a long time. This was just made because of boredom! Dies ist keine Übersetzung, es ist nur eine Parodie über in meiner Fantasie ausgedachten Tag wenn BJ auf Drogen ist. Die Inhalte des Videos gehören nicht mir und alles ist von Green Day. Billie Joe muss nicht unbedingt in jedem Video Clip auf Drogen sein.